The day begins at SHRI GURUNANAK SCHOOL ¬†every morning at 8.25 am, Monday to Friday, with a 20 minutes prayer assembly. ‘Thoughts for the day’ are exchanged and children dash to their classrooms full of energy!

There are 8 periods conducted every day, with a short mid-recess and a good lunch break in between, enjoyed by all students by way of canteen snacks and lots of games!

The school finally gives over at 2:15 pm. The school remains closed on 2nd and 4th Saturdays and all Sundays.

Period Starts Ends
Assembly 08:25 am 08:50 am
1st Period 08:50 am 09:30 am
2nd Period 09:30 am 10:05 am
RECESS 10:05 am 10:15 am
3rd Period 10:15 am 10:50 am
4th Period 10:50 am 11:25 am
5th Period 11:25 pm 12:00 pm
LUNCH BREAK 12:00 am 12:30 pm
6th Period 12:30 pm 01:05 pm
7th Period 01:05 pm 01:40 pm
8th Period 01:40 pm 02:15 pm