While the fact that every child is unique is well known, sadly it has not found its application in education. We still follow the age old pedagogical approach of teaching down the student in a set ‘chalk and talk’ format. At Our School, we aim to translate our belief that every one of our students’ is unique into a pedagogy that adopts the child’s personal learning style.

Understanding is different from knowledge. While knowledge relies on memory, understanding relies on conceptual clarity. Our current education system only nurtures rote learning and testing. Students cover syllabus but do not necessarily get the conceptual understanding required for application. Our School aims to apply the belief ‘there is something BEYOND ACADEMICS and this is called…….REAL UNDERSTANDING’.

Real understanding by every child requires an integrated approach. Enumerated in our school Vision and re-iterated here, a school is a micro system where different factors have a direct effect on the child. The teachers, the curriculum, examinations, the environment, the infrastructure, the activities – all come together to nurture the unique potential of the child.

Some of us misinterpret ‘new-age schooling’ with greater infrastructure or technology enabled education. While we have ready access to all of these amenities, we also believe that these are only parts of a bigger whole. At school, we follow an integrated model of ‘Learner Centric Education’ where the CHILD is at the centre of everything we do. Our education isn’t just about academics – it is so much more – its ‘beyond academics’.

Our extra-curricular and co-curricular programs are designed to nurture the unique skills and talents of each child. From dramatics to debates, arts to music, sports to yoga and martial arts, school takes care of all aspects of a child’s development