At Shri Gurunanak School, education is not just about gaining knowledge in mathematics, language, science and Social Science but more about identifying and developing awareness about one’s self and the world around us. The course outline is a judicious mix of rich Indian culture with the best learning methodologies from around the world, ensuring all round education and creating a zest for learning in the very lap of nature, away from the commotion and pollution of the city.

The curriculum is designed to develop the passion for learning among students, shaping their character and preparing them for further education. It will also shape their career aspirations, readiness to take on the responsibilities of an adult and a citizen, and their ability to overcome challenges in life and be successful in their own way.

Presently, there are classes from Kindergarten (starting at Age 3 onwards) to Standard IX. During the Secondary School education years, we concentrate on an Education that Develops a Broad Range of Skills for Life. We believe in developing each child into a Lifelong Leaner, an inspiring Leader, a confident Global citizen and above all AN ACHEIVER!

The school aims to impart important soft skills to its students such as right attitude, aptitude for continual learning, specific behavioral skills and encourages innovative thinking. The broader aim is to bring out the hidden potential of every individual child so that they can fulfill their ambitions and goals in life.

SHREE GURUNANAK SCHOOL follows the curriculum prescribed by National Council for Education Research and Training (NCERT). We are affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).

Child Modulation Techniques


Multiple Intelligence Theory

School Octave Concept